The California legislature established Stockton East Water District in 1948 to ensure proper management of the underground water basin and provide supplemental water supplies. The District provides surface water for both agricultural and urban uses, and encourages the continued expansion of surface water diversions instead of pumping groundwater for the benefit of the groundwater basin. By providing surface water for agricultural irrigation, the District supports a reliable water supply for a San Joaquin County’s agricultural industry, that is the area’s leading economic activity.

District Policy No. 3085 – Establishing Program and Incentives for Encouraging the Use of Surface Water – The purpose of this Policy is to continue to encourage the use of surface water versus pumping groundwater for agricultural water users and establish the procedures and guidelines for customer use of the District’s surface water supply.

Per this Policy, customers will be required to complete a Surface Water Diversion Application and enter into a Surface Water Sale and Amortization Agreement with the District.

Below is a postcard that was mailed to all Surface Water Diversion Customers on August 7, 2020 explaining the District’s plan of meter installation.
Please click the image below to view the full postcard.