Bids & Proposals

2020 Chemical Services Request for Bid Results

Results for the 2020 Chemical Services Request for Bids can be found here.

Livestock Grazing Vegetation Maintenance Pilot Program Request for Proposal

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Stockton East Water District (District) has ceased public access to the District’s facilities, including the District’s office. If you are planning to submit a Proposal in response to the District’s Livestock Grazing Request for Proposals, the Proposal must be sent via email or delivery service. Email submissions may be sent to this email address and hard copy submissions should be sent to the District’s office at: 6767 East Main Street Stockton, CA 95215.

All respondents are encouraged to follow up via phone to the below phone number to ensure their submission was received. Please feel free to contact Justin Hopkins, District Engineer (209) 948-0333 with any questions or should you require additional information.**

Currently we do not have any Request for Information (RFI) open.

Currently we do not have any request for Quotation (RFQ) open.

If you have any questions, please contact the District at