2016 Dam Removal Schedule

Diversion Dams have been drained, thus ending the 2016 Irrigation season (see schedule below). Releases from New Hogan Reservoir to the Calaveras River will be reduced to 25-cfs starting October 14th. Calaveras River flow will remain at 25 cfs and adjusted as necessary for the Water Treatment Plant needs. Removal of diversion dams from Old Calaveras River Channel, Mosher and Potter Creeks will occur as time permits, but before it rains.

  • October 14th – New Hogan Reservoir releases will be reduced down to 25 cfs.

  • October 18th – Irrigation season ends. Bellota Weir will be removed and the 2-foot winter weir and fish ladder will be installed. Diversion dam drainage will start upstream on Mormon Slough and Potter Creek, then the Old Calaveras River and Mosher Slough.

  • October 24th – Dam removal will be completed on Mormon Slough. Removal on Calaveras River, Mosher Slough, and Potter Creek will continue.

Dam Removal