The Dam removal process for this irrigation season is scheduled to begin on October 13, 2017. Please see the preliminary removal schedule below and check back periodically as all updates will be posted here.

  • October 13th – New Hogan Reservoir releases will be reduced to 20 cfs.
  • October 17th – Irrigation Season ends. Irrigation water left behind in all Diversion Dams is available to pump as needed. Bellota Weir will be removed and the 2-foot winter Weir and Fish Ladder will be installed.
  • October 17th – Diversion Dam drainage will begin upstream on Mormon Slough and Potter Creek, then the Old Calaveras River and Mosher Slough.
  • October 27th – Dam removal will be completed on Mormon Slough. Removal on Calaveras River, Mosher Slough and Potter Creek will continue.

Irrigation Dam Installation/Removal Schedule